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"BuT WhEre dO YoU geT youR PrOTein?!"

The infamous question that likely every vegan has been asked a countless number of times. I've stated in the past (and will again now) that I am not entirely vegan, I do consume honey and occasionally some eggs but I have given up meat and dairy fully now for almost two years!

I think the most "concerning" part about going vegan or just giving up meat in general is where TF you get your protein from. I've even had doctors tell me how it's "not good for you" or "you won't be eating enough." I'll admit it did take me some time to fully understand that I needed to eat more and find other sources of protein, but the fact of the matter is it's just....not that deep. With some light research and finding meal inspiration, it can actually be very easy to add plant-based protein sources into your diet!

My spiel above is mainly because the meal I'm sharing today is a perfect example of just how easy it is to consume protein as a vegan AND this dish is made in under 20 minutes. You can check out my food Instagram, @tanya_tastes for plenty more vegan-friendly and protein packed recipes.

So, our meal today is a curried quinoa served over greens with a side of crispy sweet potatoes, a full bowl of comfort food and delicious for any easy weeknight dinner.

Curried Quinoa Nourish Bowl

(serves 1, vegan + gf)


  • 1/2 cup of quinoa

  • 1/2 cup of Maya Kamal's Madras curry (found at Whole Foods, Sprouts + Target)

  • Mixed greens (find ones including pea shoots for extra protein)

  • Frozen peas

  • Baby bella mushrooms

  • 1 small sweet potato

  • Cilantro dip from Good Foods (optional)

  • Hemp seeds (also optional, but another great source of protein)


  • Cook your quinoa according to the package and set aside

  • In a pan heating with avocado or olive oil, add your frozen peas and chopped mushrooms, seasoning with some salt & pepper

  • In the meantime, chop your sweet potato and add it to the air fryer @375 for about 12-13 minutes, coating in some oil, salt, pepper & a dash of paprika

  • Once your veggies are ready, add your quinoa and curry in the pan and stir till everything is well combined

  • Now add in your greens to cook down with your curried quinoa + veggies

  • Finally, build your bowl! Add in a base of more mixed greens, your curried quinoa + the sweet potatoes. Top with some cilantro drip + hemp seeds and enjoy!

As always, please tag me on Instagram @tanya_tastes if you recreate, or message me a photo :)

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