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My go-to maple cinnamon morning coffee

I have always been a huge coffee lover -- making it at home, trying new coffee shops, buying local coffee, creating new recipes, it's all honestly so exciting to me. Since entering the foodie space, I've found SO many new coffee products and appliances that I love and seriously level up your coffee game.

I'll be sharing my go-to recipe within this post along with some essentials that I've come to use daily and are absolutely perfect for all your at-home coffee creations. If I'm going to have a caffeine addiction, I might as well find a way to make it as fun as possible.

First up, we have a.....milk frother! Yes, we all love a good electric whisk frother but an actual milk frother has been a game changer. I ordered this one from Amazon which is currently on sale for $33. You can froth on both warm and cold settings too! Also, if you like cold foam from Starbucks, this milk frother can literally make you the best dupe that is absolutely elite in iced coffee.

Next, we have jot coffee which is the smoothest most delicious concentrate ever. It is definitely not essential for hot or iced drinks (you can use any regular strongly brewed coffee or concentrate) but if you are a big coffee drinker...I would 100% recommend trying it out. All you do is add one tablespoon to any water or milk and bam you have a rich and amazing cup of coffee. This is also literally not sponsored at all I just am very passionate about products that I enjoy (lol).

Now, on to my essential ingredients that are sweet and simple: maple syrup and cinnamon. I swear you will never need another sweetener if you're using maple syrup, I know it really is simple but it blends so well and adds the best subtle flavor. I also cannot drink coffee without cinnamon so just try that if you haven't already.

This recipe was called "cinnamon toast crunch milk" on Tik Tok and has gone viral on my good friend's account: @acaffeinateddesi! You can also check out her page for many more exciting coffee recipes :)

Maple Cinnamon Latte

(serves 1)


  • 1 tbsp of Jot coffee (or about ¼ cup of any cold brew concentrate/strongly brewed coffee)

  • About ¼ cup of water

  • ¼ cup of your favorite non dairy milk (Oat milk is the best in this, but anything works!)

  • ½-1 tbsp of maple syrup (depending on your preference for sweetness)

  • 1 tsp of cinnamon


  • First, grab your milk frother and add the oat milk, cinnamon and maple syrup. Froth on either a cold or hot setting depending on if you’d like this iced or not!

  • Next, add your concentrate + water to a glass and stir till combined (if it’s iced make sure to add the ice in here as well)

  • Finally, pour your frothed milk over the coffee and watch the beautiful layers combine

I hope you enjoy and this gives you an exciting new morning/afternoon caffeine fix!

**Also, just a few notes for the end of this post, you absolutely can make this without a milk frother and special coffee concentrate. I personally just purchase these because I use them so often, however you can add the milk + other ingredients to a bowl and whisk with an handheld electric frother (found at Target, Amazon, Ikea, etc.) too! Also, as I mentioned you can definitely use other types of coffee in this recipe as well.**

If you make this, please tag me @tanya_tastes or message me a photo! Have a great week x

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