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This past spring, I was part of UNC's FashionMash Workroom. Each year, the Workroom takes on a new client - our focus was PUMA. Originally, we were to design a garment for PUMA and showcase at a live fashion show. The wake of COVID-19 called for a quick pivot and my peers and I created and launched the e-commerce site 'Fluidity Designs' in a matter of weeks. Each student designed original athleisure pieces to fit the world's current climate of working from home - and feelinng stylish while doing so.


All proceeds of the collection went directly to supporting PPE efforts for frontline healthcare workers. In addition to designing a piece, I handled the social media launch for our collection.


At the end of the spring semester, I presented our findings to PUMA executives. Below, I've shown my design, social media findings & the Fluidity site. xx 

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